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Can your workplace step up and make a difference?

Walk a Mile in My Boots is a fun and easy way to build team spirit and engage staff while raising awareness and much-needed funds for people experiencing homelessness in South Australia.

Simply register your workplace, and then invite your staff and colleagues to join you and walk a mile or more to help end homelessness.

For any questions or queries about how to register your workplace and set up your teams, download our handy guide or contact our support team.

Hutt St Centre’s Walk a Mile Challenge provides South Australians the opportunity to step out and support people experiencing homelessness, so they know they are not alone.

How it works

Sign up

Sign up and inspire your workmates. Get started and register your workplace. We’ll create a page to track your team’s progress.

Spread the word

We're all in this together! Invite your friends and family to support your efforts by making generous donations – it’s super easy using your online dashboard and resources.

Raise vital funds

Set a fundraising target. Participation builds our community, but fundraising keeps Hutt St Centre's doors open.

Walk a mile or more

Take on your challenge at your own pace and log your miles as you walk a mile (or more!) during Challenge Week, from 5-11 August. Join us for The Final Mile on Friday 9 August

Lauren Pike, Workplace Cheerleader

"Workplace support for Walk a Mile in My Boots is crucial in making a difference for people experiencing homelessness.

When workplaces join in, they create a powerful ripple effect, raising funds and awareness to help end homelessness. Walk a Mile in My Boots brings teams together, boosts morale, and adds a dash of friendly competition—all for an important cause. Plus, it’s a fantastic way for colleagues to bond and show that together, we can make a real difference.

So, lace up those boots, rally your coworkers, and let's walk the talk!"

Why participate

The Walk a Mile in My Boots Challenge provides South Australians with the opportunity to step out and ensure Hutt St Centre remains a place where people can change their circumstances for good.

Joining Walk a Mile in My Boots with your workplace brings numerous benefits that go beyond team building. It's a chance to reshape the narrative around homelessness in South Australia.

  • Support your community: By joining the challenge, you'll impact the lives of people experiencing homelessness, providing them with the resources they need to find their way out of homelessness.

  • Meet your CSR Goals: Walk a Mile in My Boots provides a meaningful way to involve your teams in community-focused initiatives, raising funds that directly support people in need.

  • Strengthen workplace connections: In today's flexible work environment, team-building activities like Walk a Mile in My Boots help employees feel more connected and engaged.

  • Enjoy rewards and friendly competition: In addition to making a difference, Walk a Mile in My Boots offers fun rewards and prizes that add a dash of excitement and foster friendly office competition.

  • Be an advocate for change: As homelessness continues to rise and the cost of living crisis deepens, your involvement helps change the conversation around homelessness and directly impacts the lives of people doing it tough.

Workplace Resources

To make your Walk a Mile in My Boots experience even better, we've put together a variety of helpful resources to support your workplace team.
WAMIMB 2024 Workplace Recruitment Emails

WAMIMB 2024 Workplace Recruitment Emails

Use these email templates to recruit colleagues and staff to your workplace team and double the impact you’ll be making.

WAMIMB 2024 Matched Giving Email Templates

WAMIMB 2024 Matched Giving Email Templates

Ask your workplace to match every dollar you raise using these templates as a guide.

WAMIMB 2024 Email Signature: Support our challenge

WAMIMB 2024 Email Signature: Support our challenge

Support our challenge to help end homelessness.