Road Closures

Road closures and rolling stoppages

To ensure the safe passage of our walkers, temporary traffic controls will be in place in the lead-up to and during this community event.

The following streets will be affected: 

  • East Terrace from Halifax Street to Carrington Street 
  • Carrington Street (eastbound only) from East Terrace to Hutt Street 
  • Hutt Street from Carrington Street to South Terrace 
  • South Terrace (from Hutt St/Hutt Road) to Park 18 (less than 100 metres) 
  • Hutt Road from South terrace to Glen Osmond Road 

These streets are not closed for the entire duration – it will be a rolling road stoppage meaning that vehicle traffic will be reopened as soon as we have all walked past. Access for residents and traders will still be facilitated but slight delays are possible. 

 Please contact with any enquiries before the event. 

Information for residents, traders and commuters

It may take a little longer than usual to get to your destination so please keep this in mind and plan your journey accordingly.

For everyone's safety, we ask that you wait and be directed by the traffic controllers (ForMile Event) and Police on-site if you happen to time your trip when walkers are coming through.

The route map and timings may assist you in planning your journey: 

  • The Start Line opens at 7:15 am in Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi.
  • Walkers turn right into East Terrace and left into Carrington Street, then onto Hutt Street.
  • The first walkers arrive in the South Park Lands just before 8am, with the last walkers around 8:30/8:45 am.

We appreciate the incredible support of this community.

Thank you for sharing our vision to end homelessness and for reminding people doing it tough that they're not alone.