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Let's help end homelessness.

During National Homelessness Week, August 1 - 7, I’ll be walking a mile (or more!) to raise funds for the 6,000 people experiencing homelessness in South Australia. All funds go to Hutt St Centre who have been supporting people for more than 65 years by providing a hearty meal, a hot shower, all in a safe, welcoming space. I’d be so grateful for your support! If you can’t join me (I’d welcome the company), please give generously to my donation page.

Together we can help end homelessness.

My Updates

Training update

Tuesday 13th Jul
Thank you to everyone who has generously donated to Hutt Street. Such an amazing organisation. 

Training for the big day is well underway with a fair few 10 to 15km walks (some drenched in rain) and even a 21km walk from Maslin Beach to Port Noarlunga and back under the belt. Feeling confident for the big day.

Big love to all those taking part and everyone that has donated x

Thank you to my Sponsors


Carole Mullins

So proud of you dear all the best to you and the others


Kathryn Workman

Amazing ‘feet’!! With all your friends around you you can do this. A (long) walk in the park!!! Very proud of you. 🤩 Lots of love to you xxx


Sa Pharmacy Salhn


Sa Pharmacy Salhn

Well done to all doing the walk for such a wonderful cause. Good luck to everyone on the day.


Abigail Parry Mvps


Travis Parry

Me and Maya will pick you up along the way if you can't make the distance. Xo 🤣 P.S. You are awesome.


Joanna Page

Super proud that you are standing up for the under dog. Get those comfy trainers on… Panty liners are great for blisters xxx 💕💕


Rob Mullins

Best foot forward Abi! Such an amazing cause. xx


Cameron Phillips

Good on you.


Brooke Finkemeyer

Good luck you beautiful soul.


Pauline Gibbie

Hi Abi - Happy to tip you over to your $1,000. Well done you!


Elloise Chaplin

Abi you are amazing!!


Greg And Julie Parry

We will be cheering for you all the way. Such a great cause.


Dion Dionysopoulos

Well done Abi for a great cause!


Vinod Thomas

This is an awesome initiative Abby. Thanks


Karen Frear

You got this!!! Xx


Sarah Baggott

well done Abi, I hope you do enjoy the day.


Kate Dreyer

Great work Abi ♥️



Go Abi!


Margie Harlow

Go Abi- !


Nick Macolino


Alice Blohm

Good Luck Abi!


Vaughn Eaton


Lizard & Pancake Barrett-williams

Well done Abs, what an amazing thing to take part in. Go smash it xoxo


Paul Tait

well done.


Samantha Higham


Ivanka Koeper


Matthew Tuk


Bec Larcombe

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Jess and Jack (MVPS) (C)

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