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Together, we have achieved some incredible results to support people at risk of or experiencing homelessness in South Australia.

Whilst the Walk a Mile in My Boots Challenge is almost over for 2021, fundraising pages will be up and donations can still be made until the end of August.

Register interest for 2022

How it works

Sign up

Choose the distance: it can be 1 mile (1.6kms), 6 miles (9.6kms) or go the extra mile and do 10 miles (16kms). 

Set up your Fundraising Page: where you can collect donations, track your progress and log your miles.

Invite others to join you: create a team and invite friends or colleagues join you.

Spread the word

Let everyone know about your challenge and raise funds to help end homelessness and how they can join you and support you.

You can do this all via your Walk a Mile In My Boots Challenge Fundraising Dashboard.

Put your boots on

Walk a mile (or more!) during National Homelessness Week 1 - 7 August. 

You can walk wherever you'd like, whenever you'd like during the week - or in the lead up to the week!

Log your miles along the way using your Fundraising Dashboard.


About Us

Hutt St Centre’s Walk a Mile in My Boots provides South Australians with the opportunity to step out and support people experiencing homelessness.

Hutt St Centre has been supporting people experiencing homelessness for over 65 years, and without the help of people like you, could not provide the life changing, essential wellbeing and professional services to help rebuild lives.

Sign up for the Walk a Mile Challenge and join us during National Homelessness Week to help end homelessness.


Major Partner

Beyond Bank Australia

One of Australia’s largest customer owned banks, who proudly supports Walk a Mile my Boots and people experiencing homelessness.

Supporting Partners

Please be COVID-19 safe

We want the community to stay safe and healthy. When you are planning your walk, either as an individual or as a team, please follow the latest advice from the South Australian government on physical and social distancing, fitness and recreation activities, activities and gatherings. Please visit https://www.covid-19.sa.gov.au/emergency-declarations

More COVID-19 related information can be found in our FAQ's here 

If you are walking outside SA, please refer to official government advice in your area.

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