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Let's help end homelessness.

This August 7-13, just after National Homelessness Week, we’ll be walking a mile (or more!) to raise funds for the 6,000 people experiencing homelessness in South Australia. All funds go to Hutt St Centre who have been supporting people for more than 68 years by providing a hearty meal, a hot shower, all in a safe, welcoming space. We’d be so grateful for your support! If you can’t join us (we’d welcome the company), please give generously to our donation page.

Together we can help end homelessness.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Megan & Ryan Sweeney

Mum and dad are so proud of your efforts boys! Thank you for thinking for others and for making a difference in the world.


Matt T R

Amazing job you 2 beautiful legends


Uncle Greg

Perhaps I'll join you next time



Great work boys! X


Nicole And Thoma Schiller And Varga

Good luck with your mile walk! Well done for doing the walk for another year and supporting those that are without homes for another year.


Bartons & Australian Gas Networks


Cara & Tim Malberg

A great charity to support, well done boys!


Michael, Milo & Veda

Great effort Lads. All the best with the walk, spreading awareness and supporting this great cause. Respect 🫡


Rosie, Dan, Brooklyn And Siala Mclean

You guys are legends, well done! We love you


Helen Gray

Nanny and Pa are so proud of you.


Zac Jennings

Awesome work guys! All for a great cause. Uncle Zac is extremely proud of you all. Always endeavouring to make the world a better place!! 🌏 💪 From Zac, Kelly, Arrow and Knoxy xx


Janine And Ken Rosenzweig

Well done boys!!


Alyssa & Gaz

Great work boys. Super proud of you both!


Chris Horner

Best of luck guys a great cause. 👏


Wade Morgan

Love your work Sweeney fam!


Joel Rivett



Well done legends, so proud of you ❤️




Matthew Schiller

Well Done boys, Pop is very proud of you.


Lord Of The Colours Sweeney


Ali Wiseman

Legends X



Love you guys! You're always looking outwards and trying to make the works a better place.



You boys are awesome Dexter and River. Hope you enjoy your walk. Cheers to your support crew along the way.


Alana, Peter And Benjamin Damin

Happy birthday Dexter! Enjoy your walk xx


Janita Matthews-linke

Keep up the great work boys! Very proud :) Xx Ivy and Janita x



An amazing cause! Well done boys



All the best LOTC🤩🤩👍👍


Susie Reichstein

Well done guys! Many older than you could learn a thing of two from you both about helping those less fortunate. Such a worthy cause


The Boehm's

Well done Boys and Mum and Dad!! Great work supporting those less fortunate.. Enjoy the Walk! Xx


Emily Cowgill

Awesome work guys. We are so proud of you and your dedication to a great cause. Wishing you a great walk. Lots of love from Emily and Uncle Kane xxxx


Sue Schiller

Great work boys, Grandma is very proud of your efforts!


Olly, Owen, Hendrix, Mayce Horan

Good luck boys! Love you x


Connors Family

Well done boys! you are making the world a better place Xxx 💗🌏🫶


Brendon John


Olivia Shannon

Well done Dexter and River. Thank you for being so kind and caring. You’re both making such a meaningful impact in our beautiful world. Keep up the great work 🌏👏💕


Seabrook Fam

Legends! Keep up the great work boys xx



All the very best boys. You really are true champs


Emily Hay


Dean Bell

Well done little legends.


Megan Sweeney


Claire Gaston

Awesome work Boys! I am keen to join you to do the walk too. I hope you reach your goal!!


The Taylor Family

Keep up the great work!




Jess Johnson

Well done Dexter and River! Walking for great cause - keep up the good work!


Kerstin Ward-lohmeyer



Great work!