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Even though South Australia was the first state to launch an initiative to build as many new public homes as there are people forced into homelessness back in 2017, our state has since fallen far behind others. In WA, their equivalent program has since expanded beyond their CBD to start to include regional homelessness as well.

Meanwhile, here in SA, there were actually businesses campaigning against the Centre receiving a development application last year, blaming this critical service for making homelessness inconveniently visible and driving down property value and local retail.

So, this National Homelessness Week, you have an opportunity, and we have a duty, to show how we unequivocally support the indispensable work of Hutt St Centre. Because our state is only as prosperous as its most impoverished.

Thank you for reading and please consider donating if you have the capacity, or sharing and taking up this challenge as well!

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