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Hobble a Mile in their Boots

Let's face it, I'm not walking fast. I had a big fall a while ago and my right leg's not working properly yet. I do remedial exercises but I've been avoiding walking because it hurts. But I've made the commitment to walk for August, National Homelessness Week/ Month. I've set a goal for walking 10 miles (hey, it's a start) and raising $1,000, which will go to Hutt St Centre. Hutt Street has supported people in need -  who have been supporting people - providing hearty meals, hot showers and a safe, welcoming space - for 65 years. I’d be so grateful for your support! Please join me in my slow walking (I’d welcome the company, and it'd keep me moving), and or give generously to my donation page.

I have to say, the pain of walking is HUGELY offset by my reflections on what I can look forward to at the end of MY walk - warm home, hot bath, friendly company, good food, security - compared with the situation of those I'm walking for. 

I guess awareness raising starts in your own head, doesn't it. Please help.

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Saturday 7th Aug
Glorious sunshine and blue skies provided an excellent background for today’s walk. 

If you’re homeless, though, you’re out in all weathers, without any choice about it.

I wish I’d started collecting- and walking - earlier.  Starting six days ago, my amazing friends and family have raised almost $2,500 so far. Officially, National Homelessness Week ends today, but the coffers will  remain open for donations till the end of of August, so I’m hoping anyone reading this page will decide to add some more to that total. I don’t see why we can’t find another $1,000 or so between us! (I’ll keep hobbling. :-) )

Hutt Street Centre provides clean, hot showers, warm clothes and nourishing food and most of all a safe, welcoming, non-judgmental space for anyone who needs it. 

Every extra dollar helps.  


Thursday 5th Aug
Yesterday I upped my goal to $2,000. Today I’ve almost reached that, so it’s going up to $3,000 now. People say I’m good at this fundraising stuff but what I’m excellent at is having amazing family and  a wealth of good friends who trust me when I say their support is needed. 

And it is. Homelessness is NO JOKE. Six thousand South Australians are struggling with living without a place to stay, without even a roof over the head - something the rest of us take for granted. 

Only luck puts any of us in the right country, the right time and place. Or the wrong one.

Amazing people like those who work and volunteer at Hutt Street Centre help move people to a better place.

Thanks to all of you who are helping me help them. Please, help me find more people like you, so we can put our goal up again.

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Mary Ann

What a legend you are. With such a huge heart xx



Always an inspiration Jen.


Stephanie Page

Good to see you supporting Hutt Street after all the difficulties they’ve faced lately. Happy to support you and them


Jamie Stott


Raechel Bos

All the very best Jen.


Meme Thorne

Go Jen! Slow is good. Slow and steady. Bravo 👏👏


Lisa Bridges


Graham Keighley-james


Liz Dawes

Great effort Jen


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Ryan And Karen Stott

What a wonderful cause! Good on you Jen!!


Jennifer Richardson


Susan Rooney-hardibg

You go gal - love your work 🤗


Fran Whittingham

Well done Jen! Thanks for organising us. A critical cause.


Lisa Clifford

🤗💪👏 to both you and Fiona Hewett-Rose, Jen.


Anna Cosentino

Go Jeffa!


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Natalie Fuller

You go gal!


Stephanie Roach

Hope this helps!


Jennifer Peterson

Nice work Jen, need to get your knee working now!


Tom Symonds

On ya Jen. Hope the leg gets better. X


Tom Laing


Bartons & Australian Gas Networks


Greg Doube

Good luck


Barbara Gropl


Stephen Galley




Tom Bass

Take it slow!


Jenny Mee


Jean Weston

I really thought I had donated beginning of last week on my return home, but, no accounts showed any matching activity so here goes again


Marilyn Hickey

These boots are made for walking


Neeraj Soman


Aleesha Daniel


James Tuineau Tuineau

Good luck Jen


Bev Gum

Well done


Bev Ellis

Well done, Jen! Keep on "hobbling". xx


Doris Henderson