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Second Goal Met!!!

Donations towards the Walk a Mile Campaign have met and exceeded $2000! An immense thank you to everyone who's contributed, your support and kind messages have been overwhelming. The terrific backing has encouraged me to walk over 10 miles (16.34km) since the challenge officially commenced yesterday! I'm determined to keep going and see how far we can get before the event finishes on the 11th ❤️

New Donations, New Supporters

I just want to say a massive thank you to Aunty Tammy, TJ and my mum, Cassandra Inglis, for their generous contributions to the 'Walk a Mile' campaign. I feel so incredibly lucky to have these three amazing women in my life. When it comes to finding strong female role-models to emulate, I'm truly spoiled for choice! Thank you all so very much for your ongoing support, it means the world to me 😊❤️

First Day of 'Walk a Mile' and DOUBLE Donations!

Hi everyone, today is the first day of Hutt St Centre's 'Walk a Mile' campaign which aims to raise money to provide essential services for people experiencing homelessness. Excitingly, any donations received today will be MATCHED by a generous sponsor! This means that we can double our impact and really make a difference for those individual's struggling with homelessness. In the same spirit, I'll be doubling my step-count and miles for today, so follow along!

Thank you Paul!

Thank you so very much to my incredible godfather for your generosity. Paul is one of my biggest cheerleaders in life and is also a huge advocate / supporter of the Hutt St Centre <3

First fundraising goal complete!

Thank you so very much to two important and beloved people in my life, James Cardone and Rosemary Inglis, for donating to this campaign! In particular, Rosemary Inglis provided an incredibly generous donation that will surely change so many people’s lives for the better. Granny, you exemplify a kind, giving spirit that I so admire and hope to emulate. Thank you both for being such wonderful, amazing people. I’ll be updating my fundraising goal so we can all help to support Hutt St Centre as much as possible xo

Help Hutt St, Help End Homelessness!

Hello kind stranger, friend, or family member - thank you for taking the time to view my profile! I’m hoping that you’ll sponsor me as I pledge to walk at *least* 3 miles (almost 5km’s) every day for the first week of August. Unfortunately, this is a fraction of the distance (1/5th in fact) that some must travel in a day just to find shelter, food, and other basic, human necessities. My goal is to spread awareness of homelessness in SA, and to raise money in support of Hutt St Centre (where I’ve been volunteering for five months now). 

Hutt St Centre is an invaluable organisation, based in Adelaide, that provides support for individuals at-risk of / actively experiencing homelessness. Operating for nearly 70 years, Hutt St Centre provides essential services, organises creative programs, and cultivates a warm, welcoming environment for the members of our community that are most in need. There are 7,428 South Australian’s currently experiencing homelessness, and that is 7,428 too many. The clientele, the staff, and my fellow volunteers at Hutt St Centre have made such a profound impact on my life. I'd like to support Hutt St Centre in any way that I can, and if you'd like to join me in the challenge, please give generously to my donation page. Together we can walk towards a better future for our community. 

Thank you to my sponsors


Rosemary Inglis

Always on your team Bella and especially for this very worthy cause Love Granny 👵🏻 ❤️ xx


Deanna Winterbourn

Well done Isabella, we are so proud of you. Love you lots Didi


Genevieve Liedel

So proud of you Bella, stay strong and dry!xx


Rach And Harrison

So proud of all the amazing work you are doing with Hutt Street!


Josephine Taddeo

Great cause Bella! Wishing you all the best. Tony & Josie


Owen Inglis


Cassandra Inglis


Ethan Winterbourn

Very admirable Bella, proud of you xx


Chaise Mchenry




Well done beautiful ❤️❤️


Paul Swain

Great job Bells x


Tj Weir

Love you Bells. Biggest heart!



You have a beautiful heart ❤️ Bella your amazing and I know where you get this from xx good luck you wonderful person



Keep up the good work