Team Darlington

Walk a Mile Challenge

We're helping to end homelessness

On Friday 7 August, we’ll be collectively walking 6,000 miles to raise funds for the 6,000 people experiencing homelessness in South Australia. All funds go to Hutt St Centre who have been supporting people for more than 65 years by providing a hearty meal, a hot shower, all in a safe, welcoming space.

Walk a Mile Challenge is part of National Homelessness Week and I’d be so grateful for your support! If you can’t join me (I’d welcome the company), please give generously to my donation page.

Together we can help end homelessness.

Thank you to our Sponsors


Johnson-glading Family

Way to go ladies! Hitting the pavement for a good cause!


Susan Parker

This is to encourage you to walk more than a mile......



May you have good weather for it!


Debra Smith


Michael Van Dyk


Marina Van Dyk

A good cause


Van Dyk

Hopefully to whether will be kind to you all


Jenni Freeman


Rebecca Baird

Glad I can help Jenni x


Sandra Harvey


Craig Harvey


Miaw Tiang Tang

Great initiative Nui, walk at least 3 miles.


Marion, Colin, Trudy, Joshua And Eden Sampson

Would love to join the team but am unable. I hope this donation will help.



Enjoy the walk, thanks for fundraising 😀


Anton And Ingrid



Great cause J! All the best!


Lamoon Asenstorfer


Sharon White

Enjoy the walk 😘


Margaret Koschade