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Let's help end homelessness.

One of the things that keeps me awake at night is the fear I will be homeless when I am older. Please short-term let's show that we value helping people find homes- and then longer-term change the system so homelessness is no longer a thing.

During National Homelessness Week, August 1 - 7, I’ll be walking a mile (or more!) to raise funds for the 6,000 people experiencing homelessness in South Australia. All funds go to Hutt St Centre who have been supporting people for more than 65 years by providing a hearty meal, a hot shower, all in a safe, welcoming space. You helped me raise a lot of money last year, please do it again.

Please give what you can!

My Updates

Please give or promote this fundraiser

Monday 2nd Aug
This is a very old meme. Yes I was alive when it was new. Now please give $$$$ to the homeless and Kate and I will get ready to walk 6km

Yep I'm shameless.

Monday 2nd Aug
So the good news is you have got my total up to $3000 and please believe me I am grateful and admiring. However, I will keep asking and asking for the next few days. Can you afford $5 more? How about $500? It's all for a good cause!

Eradicate poverty- but start with relieving it

Monday 19th Jul
Kate and new friend having a chat about all of us needing to do more to help the homeless.

We're going to be walking soon

Saturday 17th Jul
Please donate to our team (for Hutt St centre).

Femme Fatales

Tuesday 13th Jul

A beautiful day for a walk

Saturday 10th Jul
This was almost a week ago but again I am changing the picture to get attention. I'd really appreicate $108 today (from as many people as it takes)


Wednesday 7th Jul
Can you believe we walked from Glenelg to Brighton and back again just to get into shape for the event? Believe it. That's a total of 12km walking by the team (since we both walked)


Tuesday 6th Jul
Met with my team member (captain?) today. We went for just a "short" 6km walk to practice. There may or may not have been a well-earned coffee at the 3k mark.

So...6km is surely worth at least $3000? Anyone want to edge us closer?

Thank you to my Sponsors


Peteris Rozitis

Viena judze, divas judzes; diez cik talu Memijs gaja no Jelgavas uz jurmalu


Meg Hegarty

Go Stef!


Church People

These people: -Care about the homeless -Practice what they preach -Gave me cash so I can turn that into a donation. My church inspires me!


Cabra Chapel

Delighted to support you, Stef. Walk well!




Deb Appleby


Amy Hamilton

you go girrrrlllll!!!


Julie Clark

Well done Stef!


Lucija Rozitis


Rina Cohen

It's so cold, hope this warms the homeless up a bit



Thanks for doing this Stef!


Mark And Kate Blencowe

Good on ya!


Maureen O'connell





Walk on Steph! Thank you for this chance to donate.


Deb Appleby

Donated again because today is another day I’m glad I’m not sleeping outside





Thanks, Stef :-)


Tracey Powis

You are a brilliant and amazing person, Stef, and the world is a happier and more hopeful place because of you. x


Petra Ball

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to sponsor you and support Hutt Street programs, Stef!



Good luck, Stef!


Christine Belford

Admire your work and the cause.




Sarah Luscombe

Good luck Stef! What a great cause.


Jacqui Weber

You are amazing! If everybody does just a little bit, and with people like you doing a bit more we can end homelessness!



Thank you for walking Steff Let’s end HomelessnessSA


Adla Mattiske

Good work.


Christina Moutos


Annette Jarrett


Rebecca Galdies

Good work lovely xx


Marg Moate

Not what I'd like to donate but I guess every bit helps. Thanks for your efforts.



Do not choke on your cereal, before you get started.




Adla Mattiske

Well done ! Sending good thoughts.