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Walked Past That 6 Mile Target!

Friday 7th Aug
Smashed the 6 mile target today, currently at 8 miles total!! If we can get to $150 milestone by the end of the weekend I'll add another 10 miles to the target distance. #walkamile

Getting Ready For Walking A Mile or More Today

Friday 7th Aug
Today I have given up my usual breakfast, I've packed my keep cup and some fruit. Layering up because it's cold with a colourful scarf and beanie. Got the brolly because it might rain and sensible sneakers so that I can clock up my target of 6 miles total!

Walking Distance Goal Increased to 6 Miles!

Wednesday 5th Aug
I made it to my target of 3 Miles this morning - according to my fitness app I have walked about 5.19km total.
So I have decided to up the distance to 6 Miles!

August is the time for walking

Sunday 2nd Aug

Hello 🙂

This August I am participating in the Hutt St Centre "Walk A Mile Challenge" - ordinarily there is an annual walk in the CBD called "Walk A Mile In My Boots" but this year because of Covid-19, it can't be held. So it's switched to an online format - with an overall goal of 6000 miles walked; representative of the approximate population of people experiencing homelessness in Adelaide.

Hutt St Centre is a South Australian charity that assists people who are experiencing homelessness. There has also been a lot of negative campaigning around Hutt St Centre as development has sprung up around it- it's been operating on its CBD site for several decades.

A couple of years ago I was in a position to tour their facilities on Hutt St in Adelaide's CBD and they provide very extensive services to some of South Australia's most vulnerable. I was moved to tears by some of the stories I heard and the people I met there. 

I am planning to walk 1 - 2 miles (1.6km - 3.2km), possibly more if time and permits.

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