Your Impact

Together, we’re ending homelessness

Gaye and Michael talk over a cup of tea

For more than 7,000 people experiencing homelessness in South Australia, the cold winter months are the most dangerous time of year.

But when you step up for the Walk a Mile in My Boots challenge, you’re reminding people doing it tough that they’re not alone.

Thanks to you, Hutt St Centre offers a place of connection and support where people at risk of or experiencing homelessness can find a warm welcome and the chance to rebuild their lives.

And, best of all, you’re ensuring our doors remain open for people when they need us most.

“I am forever grateful to the people who support Hutt St Centre. At a time in my life when I was at my lowest point, the food and care you gave me helped me get back on my feet. Words will never be enough – thank you.”


A growing need for support

Times are tough – people right across South Australia are feeling the pressure from the cost of living crisis. We know this because visits to Hutt St Centre have grown by 47% since last winter. It’s heartbreaking to think how many people are struggling in our community right now.

More than 7,428 people are experiencing homelessness in South Australia.^

South Australia has seen a 19% increase in homelessness since 2016.^

Around 62% of people are sleeping rough when they first visit Hutt St Centre.^^

Hutt St Centre has seen a 47% increase in visits for essential support.^^

The need for hot showers and bathroom facilities is up 149%.^^

The need for everyday essentials like warm clothing is up 102%.^^

The need for washing machines and clothes dryers is up 46%.^^

The need for social support and community connection is up 45%.^^

By taking part in Walk a Mile in My Boots and raising funds, you can help people experiencing homelessness and give someone in need the chance of a fresh start.

“I thought my marriage would last forever but, when it fell apart, I was left with nothing. Being an older woman and homeless for the first time is terrifying. Thank goodness for the people at Hutt St – they’ve never judged me. I always feel welcome and safe here.”


Here’s how your fundraising makes a difference

Hutt St Centre’s vital health and wellbeing services, like healthy meals, hot showers and medical care, are funded entirely by the generous support of people like you.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what our Walk a Mile in My Boots community has made possible since last winter.

You kept our doors open for 33,308 visits from people seeking support.

You warmed hearts and bodies with 37,252 freshly cooked hot meals.

You gave care and comfort with 11,618 essential items, like clothes and bedding.

You offered a fresh start with 10,375 hot showers.

You restored a sense of dignity with 2,415 loads of clean washing.

You renewed health and hope with 1,767 medical check-ups.

You created connection for 853 people with social activities.

You enabled 636 people to express their creative voice.

Together, we have the power to make a life-changing difference.

“Often when people come into Hutt St Centre, they've had a really tough night. They're tired, hungry and stressed, so the least I can do is help bring them a smile while we figure out what they need. I love that we’re all working together to help people out of homelessness – and we couldn’t do it without you.”

– Paul, Wellbeing team member


Meet some of the people you're walking alongside

Nina’s story

“The day I walked into Hutt St Centre, my life changed. I arrived as a broken person but I left knowing that people cared. For the first time in years, I began to see my value because I was treated with kindness, dignity and respect.”

Liam’s story

“The first time I slept rough, I was only 14. All up, I’ve spent about a quarter of my life on the streets. I never thought I could have a normal life, but now I’ve got a home and a loving family. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the help I got at Hutt St Centre.”

As a community, we need to come together to show people like Nina and Liam that they’re not alone.

This August, join us in solidarity and walk a mile in someone’s boots.